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Again, sorry, on semi-hiatus because I've got a hell of a lot of course work to complete, and lot's of revising to do before my final GCSE's.

I will like always try and set up a Q but yeah, Sorrryyyyy. X

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#oh my god #I’d forgotten this scene #this is why, isn’t it #this is why he always told her how special she was #how important #how brilliant #because he remembered the time when he was so callous #the time that, for all he knows, might have contributed to her shitty self esteem even more #the time he told her she wasn’t special or important #which coming from him is harsh #I mean the Doctor thinks everyone’s important #but in that moment #with a brain addled with heartbreak #and a heart aching for his Rose #he told her what she already thought about herself #and who knows #maybe that’s why she never believed him 

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Mark ‘what are you doing’ Gatiss

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let’s play Murder

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S: Tell me where they are. Please. Tell me.

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*grabs your hand and starts running* quick, date me, there’s no time to explain


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Actors who’ve played The Doctor describe their experiences - (10/11)

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I love how we all just silently unanimously forgave Moriarty for Reichenbach


He even asked ‘may I?’ when he visited Sherlock damn he may be a mass murdering psychopath but he knows the importance of manners.

he didn’t charge Sherlock for the cab either what a darling

He also apologised at the swimming pool when he had to answer a call what an angel

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