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Again, sorry, on semi-hiatus because I've got a hell of a lot of course work to complete, and lot's of revising to do before my final GCSE's.

I will like always try and set up a Q but yeah, Sorrryyyyy. X


URL graphic for thescienceofded-undici

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(x) and (x)

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"I’m not leaving the flat for anything less than a 7. Or cases involving soldiers that require me to go to a military base. These are automatically 10. Keep an eye out for those, John. God save the queen"

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The Egg Hunt of the Baskervilles.

this makes me happy :)

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the detective and his blogger

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Happy Easter to everyone out there :) May your day today be as perfect as you are

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make me choose
madsdanishpastry asked: Game of Thrones or Sherlock?

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sherly, you sass bitch

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Friendly Easter reminder that Bilbo Baggins is a canonical bunny rabbit.

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hound, why do you call it a hound, why a hound? 

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Sherlock 'playing' the violin
requested by violincameos

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