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25 days until season 8 of Doctor Who

Here's a petition to bring back Torchwood

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Companions + Seasons & Character traits


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I love Captain Jack. He changed my life. He made me a household name. He put me on the map worldwide. I love Captain Jack. If I’m asked to play Jack ever again, I would do it at a drop of a hat, but I haven’t been asked so I can’t really forecast into the future.
—John Barrowman (via lesserjoke)
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Benedict Cumberbatch filming ‘The Sign of three’ - nattering to the guards & then running away! (source:daily mail)

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The mithril coat!

"It was close-woven of many rings, as supple almost as linen, cold as ice, and harder than steel.  It shone like moonlit silver, and was studded with white gems."

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the name is sherlock holmes

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one last time?

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